Redline: Sport (MOD: much money) 0.82

About the App
  • Android : 5.0
  • Version :0.82
  • Size : 300 mb
  • Views : 5534
Apps category : Mods
Apps type : game

App Description

Redline: Sport is a dynamic and cool game project for your smartphone or tablet running the Android operating system, where you will have the opportunity to drive the fastest cars in the world!This game meets us with good and, I would even say, high-quality and well-designed graphics. All cars and locations, as well as the smallest details, can be seen from any of the angles. Each of the 3D models was drawn using the same realistic objects. Therefore, HD quality will create a pleasant gaming atmosphere for you with cool visual effects. You will be able to enjoy the smoke from the tires as you enter a corner at insane speed and the axle drift begins. You will see reflections of your car in puddles and much more.In Redline: Sport itself, you will plunge into a rich and colorful world, where there will be an abundance of racing tracks and cars. Choose the first car and go to conquer the city spaces. Try to squeeze all the juice out of the engine, speeding through checkpoints and setting speed records. Screw into corners and hit the best lap times to become the best and get valuable in-game prizes. You will have the opportunity to compete not only with bots, but also with real players, which will be many times more difficult. Show them all your skills and head to the garage for a complete tuning kit. Install a more efficient engine, nitro, new brake discs and suspension. But do not forget about the visual part, where there are many variations. Change the body color, install rims, spoilers, body kits and more. All this will make you recognizable among other players! Collect your collection of cars and lead the top players around the world!


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