Kick Hero (MOD: much money) 2.08

About the App
  • Android : 4.0.3
  • Version :2.08
  • Size : 35 mb
  • Views : 1381
Apps category : Mods
Apps type : game

App Description

Kick Hero for Android is a funny retro project that can keep users busy for a long time and will always be ready to entertain you. Here you will control a football player who finds something amiss in his dressing room. And his instinct did not disappoint, because he was able to notice the bad guys who ran out of the room as soon as he entered.Start chasing the bad guys and try to punish them all. Run across different locations with a soccer ball, which will be your weapon. Launch the ball with powerful blows at opponents and eliminate them right on the go. Move further and further, overcoming various obstacles and challenging bosses, which will not be so easy to defeat. Earn coins for your game and buy various utilities and improvements for your hero.The graphic content of "Kick Hero" is made in two-dimensional pixel representation. Everything consists of small squares, which will be painted in different colors, and the eight-bit musical accompaniment will add even more luminescence and allow experienced players to feel nostalgic.


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