Hyper Jobs (MOD: Without advertising) 1.1.0

About the App
  • Android : 4.4
  • Version :1.1.0
  • Size : 68 mb
  • Views : 10085
Apps category : Mods
Apps type : game

App Description

Hyper Jobs for Android - in this project, users will have to test themselves in various fields and help the main character find his dream job. But only there is one problem, our character has absolutely no skills and he can only dream of a cool job.Start with the simplest jobs, go to various companies and try to get at least someone to make money for a living. Work as a janitor, take out the trash or do something else to earn your first money and raise your level. Spend the money you earn on acquiring new skills and try to get a new job that will pay more and which will already be in a higher class. And with such small steps you will have to climb higher, change professions and find what you will like. Soon, our character will already be a good specialist, and not who he was originally, but what specific successes the hero can achieve depends only on you.The visual part of "Hyper Jobs" is made in a pleasant stylization and can please with funny images. The whole world around you is presented in a drawn stylization, and a rich color scheme will cheer you up every time you start a project and leave only positive memories.


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